Old Bush Vine Chenin Blanc

Orpheus, never look back!


While Orpheus could bend the world to his will, and charm all living things with music and song, he could not convince the Raven to reveal to him the Light.

  The Light ­that would allow him to see the past and the future at once, so that he could understand the present. As he watched the cunning Raven dancing to his musical charms, the bird cried: "Orpheus, never look back!" revealing to him glimpses of light hidden in plain sight behind the darkness of his raised wings.



45-year-old Bush Vines

The vines are located in the Durbanville wine valley in the  Cape Town wine region.

  The grapes were hand-picked on the 8th of March 2018 in the cool morning hours at 22.5o degrees Balling and sorted, de-stemmed, crushed, pressed and allowed to cold settle over two days.

  The juice was pumped to 12 barrels and fermented in a temperature-controlled facility at 16 degrees Celsius ambient temperature.

  The only exception was the original Vinoneers 500 litre French oak barrel
(affectionately christened “Makulu Makulu” by Etienne’s cellar staff )

which fermented under the winemaker’s watchful eye outside his office!

  The wine underwent spontaneous malolactic fermentation in barrel, after which it was left on the lees without sulphur addition for 6 months. The wine was matured for a total of 12 months in French oak.


Tasting Notes

Melon, citrus fruit, honey with a hint of cedar spice (from terroir as well as barrel maturation) is present on the nose.


The mouthfeel is luscious and rich due to spontaneous malolactic fermentation and

the mellowing effect of oak. A lingering aftertaste with vibrant acidity is the showcase of the natural concentration of old bush vine fruit.